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"Strategy is the method by which brilliant ideas become innovative reality" - Greg Fitch


  • Strategic Coach Methodology
  • Strategic Planning for Small to Medium Sized Business seeking exponential growth
  • Progress Planning Tools
  • Long term business improvement
  • Uniting Teams and improving relationships and business culture
  • Approaching Strategy with a sense of humor and creativity
  • Establishing meaningful measures that indicate progress
  • Pioneering strategic planning and implementation
  • Change Management


  • Nearly 40 years of management with a strategic planning focus
  • State and Federal Strategic Plans, Non-Profit Strategic plans, Small Business plans
  • On-line training development
  • 5 years Operations Manager at a business incubator
  • 5 years General Manager at an electronics integrator
  • USDA National Fire Plan Design
  • Organizational change management
  • 28 years with the New Mexico State Forestry Division



This is your brain on strategy

Chances are...

that you really want your organization to succeed.

That's where Strategic Planning comes in.  Strategy is the catalyst that allows entrepreneurs to maximize their return on investment ranging from financial planning benchmarks to continuous improvment and growth.


The beauty of strategy is clarity and organization: chaos is mitigated so you always know where you stand. That's what I'm good at, and that's what I love doing.  I have 28 years of experience perfecting strategic methods to assist you on your path to success.

Success through Strategy

Think Outside the Box

The Importance of

Questions and Creativity

Creativity needs a sense of expression within an organization and it's creativity that minimizes stress and imbues your team with the curiosity, clarity and dynamic ideas that provide breakthroughs and innvoation.


True inspiration comes from a place where body and brain get their marching orders by asking dynamic, challenging questions and remembering a sense of play.

Success through Clarity

Provide Clear Direction

Business continuity

and succession planning

Higher level clarity begins with a solid strategic plan.


Unfortunately, clear direction doesn't manifest out of thin air, it takes targeted strategy and team building to achieve goals and create meaurable progress.


Strategy creates momentum by setting key performance indicators (KPI's) in time based cycles (typically three years) to plan for growth and continuous improvement.


Success through DOS Methodology

DOS Methodoloy

Enjoy the view

from 10,000 feet

Forward thinking organizations seek  better understanding of their overall health. They care about vision and positive growth.


Strategic planning defines trigger points within your organization through DOS - a system that assesses intrinsic dangers, opportunities and strengths to develop stronger methods, better morale and higher developemental potential.

Greg's experience with strategic planning using the DOS method, in addition to his vast experience, has been invaluable to the growth of our Companies.


-Gary Brown

President / Owner

Brown & Associates

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